One of the remarkable and inspiring stories in history was that of Thomas Edison.  He was described as a great man and leading inventor who contributed a lot to help and improve the life of mankind through his inventions such as the light bulb, sound recording, motion pictures and many more.  Many feel the hard work and dedication of Thomas Edison.  With his many contributions, what are more inspiring in the life of Thomas Edison were the difficulties he triumphed despite being labeled as “dumb and psychotic”.  As a young boy, he was described as a hyperactive child, prone to distraction, and labeled as “difficult” by his teacher.  However, these conditions did not stop the Edison and his mother to continue his love for learning.  His voracious quest to learn and the love and support given by his mother made Thomas Edison achieved his inventions of providing technologies that help life of people better.

In the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) research is a culture that developed and maintained as it can provide significant contributions to public safety education and practices.  This research journey started as a major academic requirement through the Research and 1 and 2 courses.  Findings in these courses are then presented to the annual PNPA Research Forum.  This academic activity has five objectives.  First, is to present latest research findings in public safety as conducted by selected faculty members, alumni, and cadets of PNPA.  Second is to validate these research findings.  The third is to create an academic space to promote and enhance public safety research.  Fourth is to develop the research paper and poster presentation skills of BSPS cadets.  And fifth is to establish the annual academic research collaboration with other special higher education institutions (SHEIs), higher education institutions (HEIs), state universities and colleges (SUCs), and the community.

            The 1st PNPA Research Forum was held last December 14, 2019 at the PCAI Hall, PNPA, Silang, Cavite.  The theme was entitled, “Strengthening Public Safety through Research and Collaboration”.  This event was inspired by the message given by PDDG (Retired) Dr. Ricardo F. De Leon, PPSC President.  Also, significant individuals witnessed the 1st Research Forum from the Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP), Cavite State University (CVSU), Special Operations Group for the Urban Poor under the Office of the President of the Philippines, the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), Philippine Air Force Officer Candidate School (PAFOCS), and the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP).

This academic culture continues as the 2nd PNPA Research Forum was successfully accomplished last September 27, 2019.  For this year, the event took place at the said venue as well.  The theme for this year’s research forum is entitled, “Cadetship Development:  Transcending to Public Safety Leadership”.  The ingenuity of the program was led by the motivation given by the guest of honor and speaker – PMGEN CESAR HAWTHORNE R BINAG, Director for Information and Communication Technology Management of the Philippine National Police.  His message gave emphasis and a strong reminder to all participants that “research is a way of life” as it helps people be guided in making sound and good decisions.  Participants from AUP, CVSU, PAFOCS, and MAAP were indeed – blessed.

            Another highlight of the 2nd PNPA Research Forum was the oral presentation of research findings conducted by selected PNPA 1st Class Cadets with their respective advisers.  There were four paper presentations.  The first research presented was entitled, “The Coping Strategies Of New Cadets During The 45-Day Orientation Course: Basis For Program Of Instruction Enhancement” and was presented by Cdt 1C Al-ghabid Landasan Jamil.  The second presentation was entitled, “The Resiliency and Goal Orientation of the Bachelor of Science In Public Safety Cadets”.   This was confidently presented by Cdtte 1C Sheila Joy P. Jangad.  Moreover, the third research presentation was entitled, “Protective Factors for Cadetship Education and Training Retention” and was delivered by Cdtte 1C Faith L. Yane.  Last but not the least was the research entitled, “The Multiple Intelligence of Selected Bachelor of Science In Public Safety Cadets”.  This was presented by Cdtte 1C Judilyn T. Bardago and Cdtte 1C Veronica Jones O. Palo.  All these four research paper presentations were validated by four research experts from the Academe – Dr. Jolly S. Balila and Prof. Myrtle C. Orbon of AUP, Dr. Famela Iza  C. Matic of CVSU, and Dr. Nimfa C. Gamban and Dr. Noel M. Capulong from PNPA.  Recommendations were given for further research studies.

            Also, an important part of the 2nd PNPA Research Forum were the group dynamic activities and essay writing contest conducted of which opened the way for all students and cadets to get to know, interact, and learn from each other.  Both group dynamic activities and essay writing focused on leadership.  Learning the values of leadership through the group dynamic activities was fun – filled with smiles, laughs, and a good sense of teamwork while the essay-writing contest was filled with analysis, personal reflection, and suspense on who will get the “Champion Award”.

The essay-writing contest is a new part of the PNPA Research Forum.   Participants were from PNPA, PAFOCS, MAAP, AUP, and CVSU.  Two students/cadets represented each participating institution.  The essay question given was, “How can the millennial leadership demonstrate and preserve Filipino values and nationalism”?  The “Champions” were judged based on content, organization, style, and mechanics for writing.  For this year, the champions for the essay writing contest at the 2nd PNPA Research Forum were from MAAP led by 1CL Nem Alec Savilla and 1Cl Jeric Flores.

            Finally, the 2nd PNPA Research Forum was concluded by the awarding of certificates of recognition, appreciation, participation and giving of tokens to all who made the 2nd PNPA Research Forum possible.  At the end of the event, the most important things learned are the inspirations, implications of the research findings, and most importantly – the friendships, collaborations, and coordination developed.   It is with happiness, gratitude, and commitment that PNPA will continue to embrace research and all relevant activities needed to strengthen such.  The realization of this program was due to the dedication of hardworking personnel from PNPA and the invaluable support given by PCOL PREXY D TANGGAWOHN, Deputy Director of PNPA, PCOL JACK L WANKY, Executive Director of PNPA and PBGEN JOSE CHIQUITO M MALAYO, Director of PNPA. 

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